| 05 May 2020

What is a Local Enterprise Partnership or LEP?


Written by Support for Business

Local Enterprise Partnerships

Local Enterprise Partnerships and LEPs

A number of people. and businesses have never heard of a Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP as it is commonly referred to) or even what purpose they might serve, so let's give you a quick overview to help you understand better and also a tool to let you find out what LEP area you are in.


A Local Enterprise Parntership is a partnership between Local Authorities and local businesses, originally put in place to replace the old Regional Development Agency model.


Local Enterprise Partnerships play a central role in shaping local economic priorities and undertaking activities to drive economic growth and job creation, improve infrastructure and raise workforce skills within the local area.


There are 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships across England, each serving a different geography, which in some cases is not a recongisable boundary and some areas have overlaps. The Government has sought to resolve these overlaps in 2020 to help businesses and Local Enterprise Partnerships know what local strategy to work towards.


We've created an easy to use postcode tool, so you can see what Local enterprise Partnership area you fall into. Simply pop in your postcode and it will return what area you are in, you might be suprised by the result!

A map of the Local Enterprise Partnership areas

Below you will find a map and list of each of the Local Enterprise Partnership areas across England. If you want to find out about business support in your area you can check our fund finder or visit your local Growth Hub.

Local Enterprise partnership map

The LEP network

If you want to find out more about Local Enterprise Partnerships and who is involved with each one then the LEP Network is a great place to start.