| 02 December 2019

Guide to Google My Business


Written by Luke Faulkner

Google My Business Logo

Google My Business – What is it?

Google My Business or GMB as its often referred to is a free tool available to all businesses. Google allows you to claim your business and display your business on Google search and maps. In claiming your business and adding yourself to Google you’ll be able to add photos, your business name, place your business on Google Maps, list hours of business, gain customer reviews and much more.


In this quick guide we’ll run through the steps for setting up your business, so that customers can find you easily on Google.


GMB is a great way to help get your local SEO efforts off the ground, its free and easy to use. You’ll have seen these local listings when running local google searches, looking for services or products near you. Nearly half of people that conduct searches in this manner will make a purchase from a store, either online or at the shop that day. It’s crucial that the information you provide is accurate, as this will boost your SEO.


As mentioned already, GMB is free for businesses to use, but you need to be a business that makes in-person contact with customers, as per Googles guidelines.

Knowledge Panel
Google My Business - Knowledge Panel

Claiming your Business

1) Log into your Google Account that you want to be associated with your Google My Business Listing. If you don’t already have a Google Account you will need to create one.


2) Head to Google My Business and select the ‘Manage now’ option. If you aren’t logged in to your Google account you want associated with your listing you will be prompted to do so.

Google My Business - Home page
Google My Business - Home page

3) Now you need to find and manage your business. Start typing your business name and create your business.


In some instances you might see that your business has been claimed already. If this is the case contact Google to see if they can resolve the issue.


4) Now choose the category that best fits your business. As you start typing in the box you will see the field becoming pre-populated with categories that Google has pre-defined. You can always add to this or change it later.

Google My Business Find your business
Google My Business Choose your business category

Have a physical location for visitors

If you have a physical location, such as a shop or an office that a customer can visit then follow the steps below.


5) Choose 'Yes' to adding a location that customers can visit.


6) Type in the address of your physical location


7) You will need to make sure that the location pointer is in the correct location. You can edit this if the postcode does not find the exact location of your location.


8) Enter contact details that your customers can use to contact you. These will be listed on your listing. You'll notice that Google offers a free website building tool. If you are looking for a quick website to get you up and running at no cost then this is a good option.


9) Finalise your listing and gain access to the dashboard.

Google my business listing for visitors
Google My business My business address
Google My Business Map location
Google my business Contact details
Google My business finish listing

No physical location or want to hide your address

If you don't have a physical location for customers to visit, or you use your home address as your business address and don't want this to be listed then Google gives you the opportunity to say what areas you serve, so that local customers can still find you.

Google My Business no location
Google My Business Where do you serve customers

Verifying your business

To stop fake businesses being set up and to deter people from scamming people Google will need to verify your address.


To do this Google will send a postcard with a 5 digit verification code. Log into Google My Business and enter the code to fully claim your listing. You will now have access to the full dashboard and can start optimising your listing.

Google My Business Verifying your business

Promoting your business

Now that you've completed your listing, start asking customers to leave reviews and look at further ways of promoting your business with tools such as Google Ads. We have a voucher that all businesses can access to help them get started.